Real Estate Success Story Update

Since joining the program, Brian has worked with seven different properties holding down a full time job, plus being involved with the National Guard.

He has been able to accomplish success using the advice from coaches and networking with other investors at the monthly REIA meetings.  He has partnered with these investors using their experience and capital.  Brian has co-signed on deals using his credit with the investor’s cash.  He has been able to purchase just over $850k in rentals using this method of investing.  Recently, he purchased a 9 unit building and a 6 unit building (15 units total) with no money out of his pocket.  He negotiated with his investors to receive a 25% return by providing his credit, and it required NO work on his part except negotiating with insurance companies, getting the necessary permits and creating the Promissory Notes. The investors signed the notes and wired the necessary funds.  If per chance he defaults, he has made sure his investors will make money on the deal, so there is no risk on their part.  On the current 15 units, the bank required 30% down payment, which the investors provided.  He negotiated a 25% return on the equity of the property when it sells, plus 25% of the down payment.

The most valuable point he received from the training is confidence to take action.  He stated, “It’s so simplistic, yet so powerful!  Even if you fail at your endeavors, you still gain knowledge.”  He learned how to implement the 20% rule and how to negotiate with people, plus how to work with private investors.  The coaching program also helped him deal with other people’s negativity.

Brian confidently stated, “When you find the properties, you need to take action, or someone else will!  This is a scary business, but it’s also a successful business.  That fear factor is a natural part of investing.  It just comes with the territory.  If you have confidence, and take action, you WILL be successful!”   Brian has made over $104,000 in the last 18 months.

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Internet Marketing Success Story

Currently John is investing $1k each month to bring in cash flow of $1800 to $2000 month.  His average monthly return is 69%.

John stated, “I am making my money on optimization, and it’s great!  This type of investing is much easier than real estate, yet it’s a lot like real estate, without the headache of being a landlord, and taking care of all the problems that come with properties.  My goal is to focus on premium sites that will kick out $20k each month, and ultimately cash flow $700/year or more.  There are infinite possibilities with Internet Marketing!”

John W.

Howard, OH

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Business Builder Success

Sue enrolled in the Business Builder Coaching Program in March 2011.  She is retired and started out feeling overwhelmed, but through the Business Builder Coaching has centered her focus on a network marketing program with essential oil products.  She attended the  Workshop prepared to promote her business, and signed up 2 new distributors and sold over $250 in essential oil products over the weekend at the event.  She is now convinced that she can do well with this business, and has distributors to start working with.

Sue W. -

Waukesha, WI

April 2011

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Internet Coaching

Lerin  has only been in the Internet Coaching program since January, and after only one month, she started seeing about $1k in her portfolio with just 40 sites.  Now she has over 200 sites.  Lerin states, “I have been very inspired by the program, and have quit my hourly job to focus all my attention on my websites.  I am seeing very positive results in early stages of the program, and there’s nowhere to go, but UP!

Lerin M.

Denison, TX

March 2011

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Business Builder Success Story

Business Builder Success Story

Jonathan H.

Salt Lake City, UT

April 2011

Currently, Jon has product placed in 200 stores located throughout Greater Salt Lake City, Pacific NW (Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco), several on the east coast, and two in Hawaii.  His average monthly income is around $10k if he’s involved in a trade show.  His website is:

“IT IS SIMPLE – all you have to do is plant the iBean™ and literally watch your dream grow before your eyes. As you plant, water, and see your iBean™ germinate and grow with the inscription of your dream into a beautiful plant, you will be constantly reminded of what you’re striving for and you will be unlocking the power of the Law of Attraction.  Love, Happiness, Abundance, Health, and Faith are among the 35 themes available.  The plant grows with the inscription of your choice right on the leaf of the plant.”

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Real Estate Success – Winchester, VA

We purchased a property in June of 2010, and have rented out our previous home to an employee of ours.  It’s a good sized lot, so we are able to store our lift and other equipment on the property, and the mortgage is getting covered.  We are thrilled with the arrangement.

We also purchased two HUD properties in October 2010.  We purchased the first property for $38K, put $2600 into the property to get it up to code, and sold it for $56K.  Our profit was $15K with very little effort.

We purchased the second HUD property for $69K, and it needed about $25K for repairs, and it is currently listed for $125K.  So, our potential profit is $30K!

This real estate training program was well worth the money.  We have made much more money through the course than we would have without the course, as we took away many techniques and strategies that we were not aware of.  We have found our niche and it’s been very rewarding!

Susan & Jeff

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Wildomar, Ca Real Estate Success

In the last year, I have purchased four properties and have profited $102K from two that have sold.  I still have two properties currently on the market with the potential of making a profit of $45K combined.  I am focusing my efforts in a better location that will offer a better profit margin, and my goal is to close on two properties each month.  I have two recommendations:
Pre-Paid Legal
Attend local real estate investor association for the networking, current market strategies and the continued education aspect.

I would like the thank all the coaches for the great education and Resourceline assistance I received throughout the training program!


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Katy, TX Real Estate Success

I have purchased two single family homes, and have an additional property under contract through the Real Estate Program.  I purchased one through my self directed Roth IRA and one through a private lender.

The first property, I found on a buying tour, and purchased for $26,500 through my IRA.  I spent $8K on repairs, and am currently renting the property.  It’s cash flowing about $475/month without any debt.  The return back into my IRA will be 18%.

The second property I found through  MLS resources.  I purchased this property for $43,500 with a private lender.  It’s about halfway finished with the rehab, and I’m expecting to spend between $9K – $10K on fix-up and repairs.  I am planning to rent this property as well, and expect to create some cash flow.

I have a contract on a third property for $33,500, which has not closed as yet.  I expect to spend around $10K on fix-up and repairs.  It does not need a lot of work, and I plan to rent this property also for cash flow.

I received some valuable pieces of knowledge through the classes, but the most valuable was my enrollment in the program—because I was committed to do something with the knowledge I was receiving through the training.  It got me off point “0”—got me started.

If I could give anyone an investing tip, it would be “Keep doing it—making offers, and success will come!”

Lester & Terry

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Mangum, OK Wealth Building Success

Since joining the Wealth Building Program, it has had a dramatic impact on our business, and we are much better off financially, having paid off our vehicle and other debt.  We have totally revamped our business, shifting our focus from weight loss to total wellness, setting up Expo booths, and teaming with Cabana Sauna.  Our income has surpassed $18k per month.  We also have a book that will be available in January 2011, “Freedom from Obesity—Unlocking the Combination to a Healthy Weight.”  We will be doing presentations to the public where we will offer the book plus a one year wellness program.  We expect even greater and consistent growth in the future, but more important, we anticipate great success for the people who get involved in our excellent wellness program!

Karen & Ben

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Merrimack, NH Stock Trading Success

“Within two weeks of starting my training I was opening my own options account, using ‘straddles and strangles’, I was able to re-coup the cost of the classes!  I thought that was marvelous!  I also have the rest of the year to learn and grow in the program.

My Stock coach was patient and allowed us to ask questions.  If he went into depth on a strategy and you needed it explained again, he would take the time to make sure you understood by sharing examples.

My wife, Laura, has also enjoyed the classes a great deal.  Last year when I started researching the course, she backed off and let me do my own thing.  But since starting the Stock Mentoring Program with me, it has allowed her to understand a great deal more about how to do her own research on stock picks.  This is something we can share and work on together.

The classes are very informative and the whole experience has been great.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the mentoring program to anyone.  It’s worth every penny!!

Laura & Michael

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